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Dear Sirs,

Jelenia Góra is a city with a rich, 900-year tradition in trade, therapeutics and education, famous for entrepreneurial and inventive inhabitants, it is a dynamic, modern centre of tourism and business development. Exceptional attractiveness and dynamic development, fascinating history and magnificent monuments, picturesque location, hot thermal sources as well as a rich cultural, sports and educational offer have allowed Jelenia Góra to be called the Pearl of the Karkonosze Mountains.
Jelenia Góra is a city bordering directly on the Czech Republic and located close to Germany. Improving transport connections foster the development of business and formation of new investment projects.

Jelenia Góra is also an important teaching centre offering the high level of education, among others, for economists and engineers. Many students graduate from Jelenia universities every year with qualifications in accounting and financial advice, business economics, quality management, intellectual capital management, industrial information technology, telecommunications, journalism and social communication, English and German philology, nursing, hotel business and catering, etc. Young, well educated people, with enthusiasm for work, can certainly be a strong pillar in the development of new companies.

Jelenia Góra is a spa city. Cieplice spa, being a quarter of the city, is the oldest resort in Poland and this part of Europe, established by the Cistercian Order in 1281. Known for centuries, the thermal sources the temperature of which reaches 90° C are used in therapy here. Unique fluoride-silicon waters are used in the treatment of the conditions of the following: motor organs (rheumatology, ortopaedics, neurology, osteoporosis), urinary tract (urology, nephrology), ophthalmology - as the only spa in Poland it treats balneologically conditions of the eyes. After the treatments, the guests, apart from walks in big parks and visiting numerous monuments of the city, climb the neighboring mountains, enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Karkonosze Mountains.
Exceptional location creates exceptional opportunities. In order to use the existing potential as efficiently as possible, the city's authorities conduct large scale investments which improve the quality of infrastructure and living conditions of the inhabitants. Investment projects, the value of which reaches hundreds of millions of zlotys, relate both to the technical infrastructure: water-sewage, sanitary network, roads, and making the tourist, cultural and spa offer more attractive. The scale of local government's investment projects has speeded up the city's development and increased its attractiveness, which has already attracted many investors. The Industrial Zone operates in the city, embracing approx. 80 hectares of land intended for investment, attractively situated at the main transport route towards the Czech Republic and Germany.
Apart from the areas intended for industrial investment, the city's offer also includes attractive undeveloped and developed real estate located in tourist or spa areas, among others with opportunities concerning geothermal water drillings.
We have streamlined the investment process in the city, in order to create a development opportunity for all those who will invest here. The city provides each investor with professional service during the whole investment process, support by accelerating administrative procedures necessary to start the investment project and real estate tax exemption program under de minimis assistance for entrepreneurs creating new workplaces.
Jelenia Góra creates conditions to live and work in harmony. It is a city that is friendly for its inhabitants, open for tourists, providing entrepreneurs and investors with optimal conditions for functioning and development. This place can also be your opportunity for success.



You are welcome to Jelenia Góra!

President of the Jelenia Góra

Biznes w Jeleniej Górze


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